CDL exams are offered at Altair Chiropractic

Do you need to renew or get your commercial drivers license?



Dr. Ortiz is a Certified Medical Examiner with extensive knowledge of the DOT Physical Exam medical guidelines. Dr. Rizaldy Ortiz can steer you through the DOT Physical Exam requirements to keep you on the road. Our office also offers Chiropractic/ Wellness services to help you manage your medical conditions so you can continue driving for years into the future.

Who does this include?
Anyone who holds a commercial driver's license or operates a commercial motor vehicle. (For a physical exam, a CMV is defined as having a gross vehicle rating of 10,001 lbs, capability of carrying 8 or more passengers (including driver) for compensation, capable of transporting more than 15 passengers (including driver) - not for compensation, or transporting hazardous materials with a hazardous materials plaque)

What does the exam include?
The exam includes vision, hearing, blood pressure, lab tests, and a physical examination.
Once all criteria are met, the driver will be issued a Medical Examiner's Certificate and given a copy of the long form.

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