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Chiropractic Care and Insurance Coverage

The primary medical physician is not always the first stop when it comes to feeling better. Many patients prefer to seek the alternative care of a chiropractic physician. While not all ailments are solved through chiropractic adjustments, policy holders like having the option of deciding which type of care to choose. The good thing is that health insurance plans are improving in the fact that many of them provide coverage for chiropractic care. Unfortunately, however, the numbers of visit are limited.

When seeking insurance coverage for chiropractic care, there are a few things one can do to ensure optimum coverage or reimbursement.

At Altair Chiropractic we accept most insurance and file the claims for you. We are “In-Network” with most of the major insurance companies. For those we are not in, we are generally able to work out a plan that allows you to pay the same amount, or sometimes even less than you would pay in-network offices. Altair Chiropractic is “In-Network” with all plans under the insurance companies below:

We accept most insurance policies for your convenience.


We are often asked if we accept a certain kind of Health Insurance. As a courtesy to our customers, we will bill your insurance company on your behalf for your treatment.

Altair Chiropractic, LLC Altair Chiropractic, LLC is a Premera Blue Cross / Blue Shield Preferred Provider. Most other insurance companies accept our courtesy billing to the extent that you have coverage, and most health insurance policies have chiropractic benefits available.

Preferred Providers for:

Premera Blue Cross / Blue Shield
CDL Physicals

Specialty Cases we accept

Workman's Comp cases

Personal Injury Cases

CDL exams


You may call the office with your insurance information prior to your visit, and we will gladly discuss your benefits with you. We advise that you have our office contact the insurance company, because we know the right questions to ask to get you the complete and correct information.  Please be aware that Medicare and Medicaid policies currently DO NOT cover your initial examination and there will be a fee associated for the first visit and any x-rays in accordance with our cash fees.