Our brilliant patients say it best.

I arrived at Altair Chiropractic as the result of a low back and hip injury. I had no idea how that experience would absolutely change my life. Dr. Anna and her staff and therapists not only worked to help me heal physically, but more importantly, allowed me an ability to relax, and come into a place of balance which facilitated my body's ability to heal itself. In Gratitude,

VS, LPN, , Wasilla, Alaska

Dr Anna Altair gives the best whole spine manipulation I have ever received. My spine feels more loose and flexible after each appointment. I am able to function without pain. She possesses a light healing touch and takes the time to ensure that her patient has had a complete spinal adjustment.

ML Retired Teacher, Wasilla AK

NERI's benefits are accumulative.  I felt a gentle relief after my first treatment and by the 21 treatment all my symptoms were relieved.  I am so happy I came to Altair Chiropractic and recommend NERI to all my friends.

S.D. Wasilla

NERI is definitely a subtle release of emotional build-up. These blockages were like band-aids leaving me dealing with my back pain for years. After going through this series of treatments I am 100% new. I highly recommend starting and finishing the 21 series with Dr. Altair.

M.D. Eagle River

NERI head relieved my sciatic pain and released emotional attachments to my past accidents. I would and have recommended NERI to all my friends.


NERI has helped to reset my adrenal glands and end panic attacks so I can manage my stress and stay calm. After years of PTSD this series of 21 treatments has given me back my life and my peace. I am a better friend, mother and wife.

A.B. Wasilla

“I had been struggling 10 years with major digestive problems and have had steady progress over the past 4 months rebuilding my immune system. Dr. Altair’s knowledge and wisdom are helping me understand why I suffered so long. I feel I am on a healing path now.”

CS, Photographer

“Dr Altair is an exceptional healer. She has the ability to get to the root of chronic health difficulties. The healing she offers is powerful, effective and works at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.”

HL, teacher therapist

“The Altair Chiropractic experience (working with Dr. Altair, massage therapy, neuro-muscular re-education, nutritional education, etc.) is the single most significant health improving experience that I can remember in my lifetime.”


I had an accident to my lower leg 23 years ago. I have been on medical disability for all this time having developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy. In 3 months, I am healing to my core. The most interesting thing is that my compassion level for others is greatly increasing. The treatments are healing me on many levels. My pain level has decreased from a constant 9/10 to 4/10. This is a big change in my life.


My results initiated by Dr. Altair are lasting and continue to improve over time. It is a cooperative effort. She sees the human body as more amazing than I imagined. Every appointment card I get lands in the hand of a friend. I refer my friends to Altair Chiropractic.


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